Food Menu

Chef's Selection 65pp
Freshly shucked oyster, kampot pepper 4.5 each
Tempura Vegemite, Laughing Cow cheese 10
Pumpkin flatbread, XO mayonnaise 12
Vietnamese blood pudding, cosberg 7.5 each
Roasted Moreton Bay bug, fish sauce butter MP
Smoked tartare, Kachin salsa, sweet potato crisp 18
Calamari, kohlrabi, rice paddy, fermented tomato 20
Stir-fried abacus beads, lemongrass sate, shiitake 18
Garfish in betel leaf, chilli caramel & lime 22
Green tomatoes, figs, dried shrimp, kaffir, herbs & chilli 17
Pine mushrooms, whipped tofu, Buddha's hand fruit kosho 16
Roasted spatchcock, garlic & turmeric, coconut vinaigrette 34
Pan fried whole flounder, shrimp paste, green mango & papaya MP
Chargrilled Cape Grim short ribs, pickles, sticky rice, leaves & herbs 41
Roasted broccoli, soy & sesame 10
Cosberg salad, ginger dressing 6


White chocolate parfait, salted coconut & tamarind 14
Nashi pear, rice sorbet, malt 14
Rhubarb clafoutis, crème fraiche (20 minutes) 16

Note that the menu items are only indicative of our current menu.

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