• We are offering an a la carte menu through to Xmas from Fridays through Mondays.
  • Dietary requirements
    We are not catering for specific dietary requirements. We expect our menu to be seafood heavy - Onion, garlic and various forms of seafood are the foundations of much of our sauces - you may need to reconsider your booking if you are unable to consume any of these items.
  • Seats at the bar
    We allocate seats at the bar for parties of two or less. We will endevour to sit you at a table with chairs pending availability - do let us know if you prefer chairs. We do not have a separate bar menu.
  • Changing a reservation
    We are putting our faith in humanity and encouraging everyone to do the right thing. If you need to change your reservation, please let us know and give us ample notice (24 hours would be great). Not showing up for your reservation is a jerk move. Changing the number of people for your reservation with minimal notice is not great either - after all, we can only seat 25 guests.
  • Number of guests
    Do get in touch with us if you would like to book for a table of 8+. We do have a private dining room that can sit up to 20 guests. You will be offered our $90pp set menu. Please contact us by email (contact@anchovy.net.au).

Sample menu

Banh mi & fish sauce butter 4
Spiced peanuts, anchovies, makrut lime, lemongrass & chilli 7
Signature Rock oyster & dragon fruit hot sauce 5 ea
Steamed rice cake, cured pork fat relish, spring onion 7 ea
Pickled mussels, soy, vinegar & bay 18
Raw O’Connor beef, herbs & prawn crackers 24
Steamed pippies, coconut m?m tép, rau dang 26
Asparagus, calamari, green chilli, fig leaf oil 26
Tiger prawns, lemongrass sate butter 24
Blue eyed cod, shore crab bisque, amaranth 45
Barongarook pork chop, lemongrass & sugarcane molasses,
served with herbs, pickles & native tamarind dipping sauce
Grilled coconut sticky rice, nutmeg, banana & rum jam 5 ea
Burnt butter ice cream, green mango & butter biscuits 17