• We are now taking dinner reservations for a four course set menu in our dining room
    The menu is for the table to share and includes desserts, and is priced at $90pp. Guests will get to sample between 5 to 7 dishes.
  • Reservations before 8pm
    Reservations made before 8pm are for a 2 hour seating. We are a small venue with a limited number of seats. A 2 hour seating allows more guests to dine with us.
  • Number of guests
    We take reservations for up to 4 guests for dinner. If you would like to book for a larger group, please contact us by phone (03 9428 3526) or by email (contact@anchovy.net.au).
  • Seats at the bar
    We allocate seats at the bar for parties of two or less. We will endevour to sit you at a table with chairs pending availability - do let us know if you prefer chairs. We do not have a separate bar menu.
  • Upfront Payment for food
    We are taking full payment for the set menu at the time of booking. Beverages will be charged on consumption on the day.
  • Using a gift voucher?
    Get in touch with us to make a reservation and quote your gift voucher serial number.
  • Dietary requirements
    The Anchovy menu caters for guests with coeliac disease. If you do have any other dietary requirements, please contact the restaurant to discuss what we can offer.
  • Changing a reservation
    Call us on 03 9428 3526 if you would like to change your reservation.

Sample menu

  • Steamed rice cake, pork fat relish, spring onion oil
  • Roasted prawn, Viet-Cajun dressing
  • Duck floss, salted sticky rice
  • Raw fish salad, tamarind and dessert lime, market's best vegetables and herbs
  • Barbecued Great Ocean duck, hot & sour rhubarb
  • Roasted asparagus, mam tép
  • Duck broth, warrigal greens
  • Durian and white chocolate parfait, lemon sorbet, mango