Food Menu

Our menu does change regularly and the menu below is only indicative of the style of dishes we offer. The Anchovy menu caters for guests with coeliac disease. If you do have any other dietary requirements, please contact the restaurant to discuss what we can offer.

Chef's Selection 65pp
Freshly shucked oyster, kampot pepper 4 each
Tempura Vegemite, Laughing Cow cheese 10
Whipped smoked eel, pickles, cracker 4
Vietnamese blood pudding, cosberg 6 each
Crispy tripe, Sichuan salt & vinegar 7
Wild garlic pastry, soy & sesame 10
Goat larb, dried prawns, chilli, herbs, elephant ear stem 22
Grilled Chinese broccoli, soy & sesame 15
David Blackmore’s wagyu carpaccio, wild garlic mam nem, perilla 20
Port Phillip calamari, qukes, radish, hot & sour rhubarb 242
Bridge Farm asparagus, Shaoxing, lap cheong 16
Stir-fried drop noodles, red curry spice, betel leaf, nem 22
Pork jowl, pepper, rice puree, cauliflower 26
Great Ocean duck orm, dill, thai eggplant, baby King Brown mushrooms 36
Grilled whole Market Fish, shrimp paste, green papaya & wombok MP
Three Rivers lamb neck, milk buns, spinach & daikon pickles 46


Apple sorbet, custard apple curd, liquorice 15
Mandarin, fermented rice cream, brik pastry 15
Rhubarb clafoutis, cream (20 minutes) 16
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