Food Menu

Our menu does change regularly and the menu below is only indicative of the style of dishes we offer. The Anchovy menu caters for guests with coeliac disease. If you do have any other dietary requirements, please contact the restaurant to discuss what we can offer.

Chef's Selection 68pp
Freshly shucked oyster, Kampot pepper 4.5 each
Pork scratchings, bay leaf salt & vinegar 3.5
Crispy broad beans, cassia, fennel, soy 4
Smoked abalone, finger lime, green tomato 8 each
Vietnamese blood pudding, ginger, herbs 5 each
Pickled mussels, curry spice, chinese doughnut 12
House-made roti, garlic sauce 8
Kingfish crudo, celery, kohlrabi, cucumber, rice paddy 19
David Blackmore’s wagyu carpaccio, pencil leek, herbs 20
Somerset heirloom zucchini, pineapple, m?m nêm, dill 14
Eugowra Game Birds quail (whole), barberries 25
Yarra Glen enoki mushrooms, guanciale, green chilli 17
Cosberg, snow peas, fermented beancurd dressing, black olive 12
Stir fried yabbies, pepper berry, curry leaf, butter (200g) 28
Rainbow trout, herbs, green mango, smoked tomato 34
Millbrook pork, preserved mustard greens relish, herbs, sticky rice 36


Grapefruit, smoked palm sugar ice cream, pomelo 15
Chiffon cake, toasted coconut cream, tamarind, plum 15
Ice kacang, jellies & seasonal fruits, strawberry puree 12
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