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July 2018

11 November - Sunday

Save the date. We are hosting a dinner with Christine Manfield, acclaimed chef, author, food and travel writer.

For this dinner, Christine will be recreating the gastronomic odyssey of her book, Tasting India. The just-published second edition features 30 new recipes, three new chapters on the Punjab, Gujarat and Hyderabad, plus her insider tips on where to sleep and eat throughout India.

Details for the Melbourne-based dinner held here at Anchovy follows and further information about Tasting India is below.

Date: 11 November, Sunday
Times: Session 1. 5pm or Session 2. 8.15pm
Ticket prices: $150pp which includes a four-course dinner and the new edition of Tasting India

If you would like to make a reservation, please call Anchovy on 9428 3526. The full fee will be charged at the time of reservation, and refunds on cancellations offered only if the spot is filled.

Tasting India
In 400 pages of the new edition of Tasting India, Christine brings to life the captivating country, describing its food, landscape, culture and traditions with her trademark passion, curiosity and expertise. Christine also shares her insights on fine restaurants, street snacks to discover, and the masterful, complex and vibrant tapestry of Indian cuisine.