Anchovy to go. Laotian to go.

Takeaway : Dinners only : Wednesday to Saturday
Call ahead or order online to pick up

Spiced peanuts, chilli, galangal, kaffir lime 6
* Duck and pork pastry, chilli vinegar * 6 each
BBQ Ox tongue, tamarind dipping sauce 16
Bean thread noodle, red curry, prawns, lamb fat relish 23
Duck larb, chilli, herbs, toasted rice 22
Green papaya salad, salted crab, chilli, cherry tomatoes, snake bean 17
Wok tossed brussel spouts, fermented shrimp paste, Thai basil 12
* Khao Piak Sen, Laotian chicken noodle soup, Milking Yard Farm Chicken, tapioca noodles, herbs * 20
Grilled kingfish wrapped in banana leaf, Thai basil, turmeric, herb garden & pickles 30
BBQ whole Milawa spatchcock, Kampot black pepper & sugarcane molasses
served with chilli jam & roasted eggplant relish
Sticky rice 4
* Not gluten free. Everything else is gluten free

A note about the menu

The menu is classic Thi. What does it mean? A few things might change day to day - perhaps pine mushrooms appear in the noodles today and the stew tomorrow, depending on what we get; perhaps it will be vermicelli noodles rather than egg noodles. Regardless, we will do our best to keep you informed.

What you need to know about Laotian food

It's loud, it's funky, it's fresh, it's spicy, it's complex and it's vibrant.
It's everything Thi adores and all she ever cooks at home.

Expect the punchy flavours you know of Anchovy, administered through familiar vessels. Papaya salads. Fermented sausages. Stews. Barbecued meats. In true Anchovy fashion, we are here to showcase the best of a cuisine and share what we know with you.