Taking a break

  • The Anchovy set menu is taking a break
  • Book in at Jeow to re live the tasty a la carte menu we onced served
  • Do you have a gift voucher to use at Anchovy? You can use it at Jeow instead. Make a reservation
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Get some tasty Laotian

The Anchovy set menu is taking a break. In its place is Jeow, a Laotian menu we once served up in 2020 over lockdown!
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"Back to our roots" fixed menu dining experience

Thi has consistently championed the progression of South East Asian cuisine - especially Vietnamese cuisine - in our culinary psyche since opening Anchovy. In 2021, we took the opportunity to use a dining experience at Anchovy advance the identity and ethos of Vietnamese cuisine beyond the street food culture it is known for.

We were here till mid June 2022. Thi Le and Anchovy are now taking a break to reset Anchovy. While Thi and Anchovy take a break, a Laotian restaurant will fill the space with the loud and punchy flavours.

Banh Mi sessions

Bringing joy to the people since the first lockdown in 2020. A rotation of flavours and proteins. Get in the know and come say hi - at 336 Bridge Rd from 11am Wednesdays through Sundays

Best described as Asian Australian – driven by our South East Asian roots and influenced by the contemporary dining landscape.

Anchovy Gift Voucher

A gift voucher to dine at Anchovy

We are not currently offering gift vouchers. We hope that this measure is temporary. Due to the size of our venue, we want to ensure that guests with existing gift vouchers will be able to book in to dine with us.

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